You may want to train in Life Alignment to become a practitioner.  Or you may wish to learn so that you work solely with yourself and your family.

The full Life Alignment Practitioner training consists of:

  • Foundation Course – Body Spin where you learn the basic tools, techniques and principles which we use throughout Life Alignment, including a simple emotional process
  • Module 1 gives you the remaining basic tools and further practice with the simple emotional process and is a bridge to
  • Module 2 where you learn the full emotional process which enables the healing to go so much deeper by identifying the root cause, life stories and patterns which block our flow of energy and how to release these blockages.

Case Studies, Supervision, Practice Session and a final observed ‘witness’ session are all part of the training requirements.

Fees quoted are inclusive of all necessary charts, manuals and Vortex Cards and pendulum that you need to do the training, as well as the necessary supervision and the required practice days.  The only additional costs are any other Vortex cards which you wish to purchase, and the cost of the Observed Session required prior to qualifying as a practitioner.

The complete Life Alignment Practitioner Training is:

  • 13 training days
  • 6 practice days
  • 6 supervision.

The total fee is £2367.

You can chose to sign up for the full practitioner training (which you can do at your own pace) or, for each course in turn.

I teach all the training courses in at least 2 parts, so that students are able to integrate the learning, and have some initial practice, between each parts.

This covers 4 training days + 2 practice days + 2 supervisions, Seed of Life and Resonance Vortex cards, and pendulum. Body Spin is the entry into Life Alignment’s entire system of healing and the foundation level for the Practitioner training.  It can be incorporated into existing healing modalities or can be a stand alone therapy.  Body Spin workshops provide a gently and powerful introduction to Life Alignment and to working with energy. During the course you will learn about:

  • Muscle testing & dowsing as a means of gathering information from the body
  • The essential Life Alignment tools:  Body points, Vortex cards and the principles behind them
  • Simple procedures to release stuck energy
  • A simple emotional process
  • A simple way to balance physical pain

Learning is primarily experiential with ample opportunity to practice dowsing, muscle testing, finding and balancing body points.

Cost:  £835

This covers 3 training days + 2 practice days + 2 supervisions. Working towards Practitioner level, Module 1 builds on Body Spin, expanding the body points and consolidating the essential procedures for the whole of Life Alignment.



During the course you will learn about:

  • Further refinement of muscle testing and dowsing with a pendulum
  • How to work with more than one Body Point
  • Expand the emotional processes
  • Continue to receive and practice balancing energy


This covers 6 training days in 3 parts + 2 practice days + 2 supervisions and the Body Alignment Formula Vortex card. This is the final part of the Practitioner training and introduces the student to the full emotional processing which enables the healing to go deep. Working on all levels, physical through to spiritual, the procedure enable the students to follow clear path enabling energetic and motional blockages to be released. Over the 6 day course, taught by Diana in 3 parts, you will learn:

  • To retrace to the source of unresolved issues and traumas
  • Identify, balance and release emotional patterns which no longer serve
  • Work to the body’s priority
  • The structure and path of the balance
  • To blance meridians, chakras and align subtle bodies
  • Long distance healing


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