Enabling the Body to heal itself


Pain is simply the body’s means of communicating that something is out of balance.

The Body Alignment technique uses vibrational energy to heal, clearing the subconscious memory of negative experiences that have become subconsciously locked into our body at a cellular level.

As Einstein said, Everything is Energy!   When it becomes block in our body, like sediment building up in a river, our energy becomes restricted. Imbalances are caused and physical or emotional symptoms result. Body Alignment treats the source of these imbalances, often immune to other treatment.  It helps build insight, self-confidence, increases your energy and generally creates a more positive attitude to life.





Using the Life Alignment techniques and processes, the Life Path Process focuses on a core issue in your life, (such as managing anger appropriately or the ability to make decisions or finding your direction) and looks at the aspects of your life that are currently having an impact on this issue.  By working with each aspect in turn, a deep understanding and insight is gained, enabling the energetic blockages in those aspects to be released.





This process explores what is getting in the way of your purpose in Life.  It’s often difficult to identify our true purpose – when it is blocked by hidden and suppressed memories.  The Life Purpose Alignment clears the pathway and moves us along in our journey.


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