Life Alignment by Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin explains Life Alignment – what it is and how it can help you.



Vortex Cards by Jeff Levin

Vortex Alignment brings a revolutionary technology and an invaluable dimension to Life Alignment.



Life Alignment Healing System by Philippa Lubbock

How can you heal, or transform your life more swiftly? By asking the only one who knows! Philippa’s new book reveals the spiritual essence of Life Alignment – a powerful healing system developed by master healer and channel, Dr Jeff Levin. She will highlight the book’s main themes: why focus on root cause (mental-emotional), rather than symptom (physical) accelerates change; how to access our own super-conscious level of mind (higher Self) that knows which mental-emotional threads in our life-story are causing illness, emptiness, or loss of direction.



Life Alignment and how eveyone can achieve it by Diana Rice

Diana Rice talks Life Alignment at the Great Wall of China.



Experiencing Fear - Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin shares his experience of fear whilst in the Israeli army.



Jeff Levin - Sharing His Passion

Glenn Moore interviews Jeff Levin about Trust, Healing and Harmony.



Fear as a lack of balance by Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin talks about Fear as a lack of balance between the opposites.



Fear as lack of balance (2) by Jeff Levin

Jeff Levin continues his talk on Fear as a lack of balance.



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