Life Alignment


“Life Alignment has completely changed and transformed my life, balanced my thinking and moved fear and blockages that years of therapy had failed to unravel.  It is an extraordinary experience, like peeling an onion, there are so many layers to shed before you reach the heart.  Working with Diana has moved me further in my career and emotionally. And as an additional bonus she makes you laugh as well.  I could not recommend her enough.”

SC Singer/Pilates teacher

“Life Alignment with Diana has been the most profound journey ever. It has allowed me to remove blocks to my growth on all levels. I feel free of past patterns that held me back from being my authentic self. I am now open to the highest possibilities. Exciting and wonderful. Thank you Diana – you are amazing!”

Organisation Alignment


“This Organisation Alignment has been massive. It was kick-started by the Home Alignment. I feel very calm about the future.”

Life Alignment teacher and Practitioner

“I feel a different person. It feels a lot more spacious for me. Organisation Alignment has brought about an increase in business and appointments.”

Editor – international monthly professional magazine

“The Organisation Alignment was disarming, subtle and nuanced. It really moved the dynamic and got to the heart of what we need to do, digging deeper to the subcutaneous issues. It makes present things which aren’t discussable in a corporate environment but which are major stumbling blocks. It is effective and had a great impact”.

Editorial Team members – International monthly professional magazine

“It was surprisingly intense but had a great immediate impact. We have much better relationships with other (key) departments. Our profits/revenue have increased”.

AG Writer/Director/Dancer

“I was looking for a friendly mentor to help me handle changes in my career and personal life and Diana helped me to address my issues with compassion and humour. The combination of her business coaching skills and the spiritual authority she brings through her Life Alignment have been invaluable in helping me make an important and difficult transition with greater self awareness, self-determination, pragmatism and confidence…. I wanted to explore how I could review my career path and here I found Diana focused my attention toward the reappraisal of the underlying fundamental assumptions that drive the terms I tend to agree to in my work and the creative industries.”

Training Courses

NAET Practitioner and Home Schooler

“Just fabulous! Diana is brilliant; she inspires, she has a good sense of humour, she is super-observant and has really helped me to identify strengths/weaknesses/things/areas I need to pay attention to.  Thank you Diana I am so grateful for your trust and warmth and intelligent teaching of this wonderful technique!”

Business Consultant

“I’m amazed by the power of Life Alignment.  It goes beyond any rational explanation. Ended up very inspired.”

Acupuncture Practitioner

“An amazing introduction to an amazing healing system”.

Health Kinesiologist

“Lots to learn but loved every minute and enjoyed the balances. Can’t wait till Module 2!”


Simon Mosley, Holcombe Consultancy Services

“I would have no hesitation on working with Diana again and would unhesitatingly recommend her to anyone looking for executive and management team coaching and development.  She is passionate and energetic in carrying out her role. She is imaginative and effective in the way she puts her points across and in the way she encourages and supports you. Like all good teachers and coaches she doesn’t ‘do it’ for you but recognises that the only genuine shift in mindset is one that you make for yourself; her approach is fashioned with this in mind. I found her particularly effective working with a diverse group at different stages in their development and at holding people to account without being confrontational.”

James Clark, Director, Davis Langdon

“Working with Diana has been an invaluable experience. She has helped me to a far more perceptive understanding of myself and the impact I have on those around me. I have developed more effective ‘antennae’ for how others react and y ’emotional intelligence’ has grown significantly. I am able to step back and take a more considered approach when thinking my way through issues and find I am securing far better outcomes from my team as a consequence.  Diana is charming and disarming. I’ve laughed at myself a lot and have enjoyed being able to do that and to learn at the same time. She is good company and our meetings are fun. What I needed was to understand ‘me’. She has helped me to unlock that.”

Peter Morris – Managing Partner – Allford, Hall Monaghan Morris – Architects

“A combination of bringing a fresh perspective along with her skill in encouraging greater self-awareness among her clients means that sessions with Diana are always extremely helpful.  We fall into easy conversation, often with no pre-determined agenda, but unfailingly end up homing in on some thorny issue out of which discussion a way forward emerges.”

Home Alignment


“I found Home Alignment fascinating. It gave me an overview of the dynamics that were affecting my family life and painlessly offered fresh perspectives, freeing up the way I felt about the changes that were affecting us all.”

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